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Nora, Leo, Olalla & Fernando Torres à Milan

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Bayern Munich Bromances: Bastian Schweinsteiger and Manuel Neuer

"I think that Manuel Neuer has not said or done anything against Bayern Munich. That is why I am rather disappointed that some of the fans were so against him. He is a very good goalkeeper and a very good person. He has a great character. He would fit in with us."

@montsxo: ”don’t ask @andreschuerrle to tie your tie people 😂😂”


can i have a Neuer hug too pls


Happy birthday, Javi Martinez!


Happy Birthday Bby Boy, get well soon and may all your wishes come true!

" Blue is the colour ! " … It hasn’t changed… ;-) have a good night everyone ...

Chegada em Miami / Arriving at Miami

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